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Marriage and Couples Counseling

A man and woman getting married outdoors in the sunlight

Marriage and couples counseling helps couples learn to improve the communication in their relationships and resolve conflicts. We will work together to explore and address issues in the marriage or long-term relationship, with the goal of enhancing communication, mutual understanding, and overall relationship satisfaction.

Here are some key aspects of marriage counseling and how I can help you feel more understood by and connected to your partner:

  1. Communication Improvement: One of the primary focuses of marriage counseling is to improve communication between partners. I help my clients learn more effective communication skills, such as active listening, practicing self-soothing with strong emotions, and expressing thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.

  2. Conflict Resolution: I help my couple clients learn to identify and address sources of conflict, develop healthier ways to resolve disagreements and navigate differences, ultimately creating a relationship with more understanding and positive feelings.

  3. Understanding Relationship Patterns: I help my couple clients understand recurring patterns in their relationship dynamics. By identifying these patterns, couples can work together to break negative cycles and build more positive interactions.

  4. Addressing Emotional Distance: Oftentimes, when couples are coming in for counseling they are experiencing emotional distance or a lack of intimacy. Marriage counseling provides a space to explore the underlying reasons for these issues and develop strategies to reconnect emotionally and physically.

  5. Managing Life Transitions: Major life transitions, such as becoming parents, career changes, or children beginning young adults, can impact a marriage. Counseling helps couples process and navigate through these transitions and adapt to changes in their relationship.

  6. Rebuilding Trust: Trust is fundamental in a healthy marriage, and when it's damaged, rebuilding it can be challenging. Marriage counseling provides a structured environment for couples to address trust issues and work toward rebuilding a sense of security in the relationship.

  7. Exploring Individual Needs: Marriage counseling recognizes the importance of individual needs and desires within a relationship. I help couples explore their unique individual and shared goals and values, to enhance shared meaning in the relationship. 

  8. Preventing Future Issues: Counseling isn't only about resolving current issues; it also equips couples with tools and strategies to prevent future problems. Couples learn skills to navigate challenges and maintain a healthy relationship over the long term.

  9. Enhancing Emotional Intimacy: Emotional intimacy is a key component of a satisfying marriage. Therapists work with couples to enhance emotional connection, foster a deeper understanding of each other's feelings, and promote a sense of closeness.

  10. Commitment to Change: Marriage counseling encourages both partners to actively commit to making positive changes in the relationship. I help my clients set goals, monitor progress, and support my couple clients in their journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

It's important to note that the success of marriage counseling often depends on the commitment of both partners to the process. Open communication, a willingness to explore issues, and a genuine effort to make positive changes are crucial for the effectiveness of counseling.

If you are considering marriage counseling, I encourage you to seek help early on, as it can contribute to more positive outcomes and prevent issues from escalating.

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