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Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy

What is Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy?

Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (VAHT) uses live harp music combined with sound vibrations to provide a gentle inner body massage that can relieve stress, anxiety and pain.

Vibroacoustic Therapy, or VAHT, is essentially a deep tissue low-frequency sound massage using audio waves in the range of 30Hz-120 Hz that are being gently transmitted to the body by embedded transducers in the vibroacoustic mat. A client experiences soothing sound and relaxing vibroacoustic vibrations.

Who Can Benefit From VAHT?

VAHT can be an independent therapy or included as part of a counseling session. Children and adults of all ages can benefit. Research has shown that VAHT can be particularly helpful for children with neurodivergence. 

Vibroacoustic Therapy has been studied by researchers worldwide including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH reports the benefits of using VAHT for Parkinsonʼs, Insomnia, Chronic Stress, Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, physical injuries, brain function, and much more.


How VAHT Affects the Body

Some Benefits Include:

  • Increased sleep quality

  • Reduce or eliminate effects of stress

  • Address PTSD / somatic ( physical) symptoms

  • Regulate the limbic system (emotional memories)

  • Activate the Relaxation Response

  • Reduce anxiety and muscle pain or spasms

  • Shorten healing periods/increase circulation


What Conditions Does Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy Treat?

  • Chronic Pain

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • PTSD

  • Asthma

  • COPD

  • High blood pressure

  • Nightmares

  • Stress

  • Burnout

  • Lack of concentration/focus

  • Physical Injury

  • Aids in weight loss


What should I expect at my VAHT visit?

Clients can decide to either sit in a lounge chair with the mat or lie down on a massage table with the mat on top of it. After a client is in a comfortable position, each string on the harp is played one at a time to see which notes/vibrations resonate the most with a client. Clients will then begin to feel the gentle vibrational frequencies through the mat and hear relaxing, live harp music. Music is played with a focus on the notes that resonated most with the client. 

Clients often report feeling many pleasant sensations. Abstract thinking slows and body and mind awareness expands. Some people experience a dream-like or deep meditative state. Others fall asleep, experience clarity and new insight, and feel relief of pain or symptoms. VAHT is best experienced in order to truly comprehend the difference it can make.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the VAHT mat if I am not a counseling client?

Yes! I welcome you to try this amazing healing modality and experience the difference it can make to emotional and physical well-being.


Can VAHT be harmful?

No. Over 30 years of research and treatment feedback from therapists and their clients (people who have chronic diseases) show no harm treating with Olaf Skilleʼs Vibroacoustic therapy in the range of 30Hz-120Hz, low or controlled volume.


Who would be incompatible with VAHT?

Those with Pacemakers, very low blood pressure, a DVT or a bleeding disorder, a recent surgery (unless medically approved) and those who have experienced a recent psychotic episode (unless medically approved) should not have VAHT done. Learn more about my harp services here.


What is the setting of VAHT?

VAHT is done in a private counseling room at Georgetown Counseling and Wellness.

Learn more about my harp services here.


When is VAHT available?

VATH is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays by appointment only.


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