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What is EFT and how it can help solve problems

Tapping for stress relief and relief from anxiety, grief and depression

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing technique based on scientific research. EFT is used together with other forms of therapy and is a great way to help solve problems that are the result of something from your past.

One of the key components of EFT is finding the root of the problem. When you get to the primary cause of why you're feeling the way you do, you can focus and process your energy there to help solve your current issues.

Here's how to use EFT to solve problems instead of feeling overcome by anxiety, stress or fear. This technique is most often used for people who experience anxiety, depression or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).It can also help with chronic pain and weight loss. It's an effective solution for bringing up the past to resolve current problems that may feel stuck, frustrating and overwhelming. Once you've found the root of your issue and you're able to identify the problems it's causing, you can use EFT with the help of a trained therapist to help treat it.

What is EFT?

If you do any research on EFT, you'll probably read a lot about "tapping." The idea is similar to acupuncture, or focusing on acupressure points. By lightly tapping on key energy points of the head, face and upper body, you can help restore energy and balance. This helps you to more effectively deal with both physical and emotional issues. Not only does tapping refocus and balance your energy, but it can also help make you more aware of your body and mind in the present moment. Through tapping you can tune in to how your body feels, your emotions, your breathing and patterns that you want to shift in your life. When awareness is increased, coping skills such as challenging negative automatic thoughts and regulating big emotions can be more easily accomplished.

Will EFT get rid of past problems?

One step in the EFT process is to gauge the intensity of your feelings before and after a session. Tapping can help lower the energy of the issues you're feeling. It allows you to focus on problems from the past but brings you into the present to help feel safe, calmer and more free from the energy of those past problems. Oftentimes when things start to feel less intense and overwhelming, it's easier to keep your focus on moving forward and shifting your behaviors in a more positive direction.

Interested in learning more about EFT? Feel free to contact me. What can talk more about what to expect from the process and how EFT can help you solve problems in your life.


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